Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy christmas and Merry new year

 This is me and my friend Coco.
Coco lives in New York City so I never really get to see her.
This is where Coco lives

This picture takes place at fort williams.
Coco's sister Ruby Rose was not there because she was at camp huckins.
     by xoxoxo AlIzA

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hi!! I am back and I'm Aliza.

Here I am at the American Girl store for my Birthday!!
I got to stay over in a hotel with a swimming pool and eat lunch at the American Girl store!
I got Kanaini!!!

I am a second grader now. My teacher's name is Ms.Gilhooly. My room is room #16.

I am in a new cheer leading year. I still have coach Jessie for my coach.

My aunt Jessie moved back from Denver.I'm so happy she's back. She makes super cool stuff - here is her website

In girl scouts I am now a Brownie girl scout. 
  In brownies I am making a collage.
 We have been having so much fun in brownies. 
Bye gotta go to bed.  peace peeps xoxoxo 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Wow, where have I been?! Sorry it has been so long since I did my blog, but I have been reeeeeeally busy!!
In school I've been doing a reading program for Dr. Seuss' birthday.  And, now we are going to have a math-athon to raise money for the people in Japan who were in the Tsunami.  But, I have also been super busy with my cheering.  We went to a competition, here is a picture of me!

and here is a little tiny video of me!

Here are some more pictures of competition. We got a really big medal!

Me & Coach Jessie! She ROCKS!!
Me & Mackenzie cracking up!

My BFF Abby & me  

Even Holly likes to cheer!

spirit hands!!

  Other news in South Portland:

  Like I said, RED'S IS OPEN!!
These are pics of me, Eliot, Brooklyn (Eliot's girlfriend), Sam (Eliot's bff), and my "friend" Colby going to REDS!! We were totally excited! Can't ya tell?!



oK. Well, gotta go now. BTW, I have a biiiig competition coming up this Saturday. So, I will have more pics and maybe a story for you!  Hope you have a great smiley week peeps!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

NEW DAY & New Videos!!

Hi! I meant to post these yesterday but we were so busy!
One is a goodnight cheer & kiss 
and the others are just me, being me!
Happy Thursday everybody! 

I simply adoooooore this outfit and ponytails.  
When I spin it's like a helicoptor! LOL!!

And another video, me reading for our reading challenge! I looooove to read! I would read all day and all night and then read some more! I am reading a couple of books right now, Little House in the Big woods and The Dragons of Blueland.  They are both AWESOME! BTW - this video is kinda long, but really good! 

here's a sideways video of me - not sure what Mommy was doing?!!

OK, that is all for now. See you all later!

i love laura ingalls

this is a great book!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

YAY!! It's March 1st and it is SUNNY OUT!! :)

Happy March everybody! 
I thought Red's was opening today, but actually it is March 11th  :(  Oh well, I am still reallllly excited that it's March and I have cheering tonight! Hope you all have a GREAT happy day! Oh! Big news, I woke up this morning and my Daddy brought me a gigantic bag of SCUTTERBOTCH!! YUM!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday rainy snowy Monday

Happy Monday Friends! 
I did this drawing yesterday, it is a self portrait. I can't wait until next week! You know why? Because my cheering team is going to competition! Cheering is really fun, tomorrow night I have practice and I get my skirt too. I will post a video of our cheer tomorrow.  So, some of you (Jessie) are wondering what Scutterbotch is, well, it is my favorite candy! I got really excited once and was talking real fast like to my mom and it came out scutterbotch instead of butterscotch! Funny! We laughed reallllllly a lot when that happened Hahahaha!YUM!!

So, today was a good in school.  Mrs. Brimmer (a helper in the school) drew a picture of Dr. Seuss because his birthday is Wednesday, March 2nd! We are going to celebrate his birthday and each time one of his books at home we fill in one of the stripes on his hat.  Once we fill his hat we get a special SURPRISE!! Yahoo!! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

I am going to read green eggs and ham to night! I also have this book, IT IS SO FUN! 
My Mommy had one when she was my age too. 

So, I promised a video, that my mom thinks is too long, it is, and might be but here it IS!!

Love and Peace,
xoxo aLiZa xoxo

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Helloooo & WELCOME!!

This is me at Disney Princesses on Ice a couple of weeks ago. We, my BFF Abby H & I got GIGANTIC snowcones in princess cups!!

Now on to my blog! I have been wanting to have my own blog for a long time now.  My mom has been realllly busy, so today we finally got to it!

Just so you know, my name is Aliza and I am 7 years old. I am in first grade at Brown School. I live in Maine but used to live in Arizona.  I really miss friends Abby G and Grey in Arizona :(  Someday we will visit them or they might visit us in Maine.  Anyhoodle, back to ME! I have 2 brothers, Jaz is 14 and Eliot is 10. I have 2 cats, Olive & Buckley and 1 dog, Dude.  I am a cheerleader for SPYC. We cheered for the Red Riots Fire football last fall and now we are getting ready for cheering competitions!!  I like living in Maine. There is a lot to do. I like to sled and live on a gigantic hill - I smashed into the pricker bushes the other day though, and now I have a huge scrape on my chin. BUMMER!  I like summer best because we live near the beaches and I LOVE THE BEACH!! I am a really good swimmer, I am like a fish!

Ok, going to go shoot some video's for my blog and practice my cheering!